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December Drop


Artclub and Friends x Lunga Ntila

Lunga's work ultimately evokes the notion that narrative resonates within all of us, regardless of the milieu, and that there are various ways in which a single story can be told depending on one’s perspective. Photography and photo manipulation is her chosen medium as it allows her to engage and manipulate her images by adding and subtracting elements that further perpetuate the message that she is putting across.

She is attracted to the analytical framework that explores identity, awareness, perspective and framing to be able to decipher a problem. With that being said, below are the blueprints behind her work: 1) identity, 2) Re-imagining 3) Perspective 4) Unlearning and 4) Interpretation. These are the prisms that help in understanding and solving problems. This formula allows us to explore and challenge the ideologies that govern the different facets that exist within us.




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