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First peek at our
Embroidered Logo Sweaters

Limited Edition run in both blue and white.
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We're so excited to slowly release some new pieces.
Why slow you ask?
Well, right now everything seems to take a little longer than it used to, and we're feeling more ok with that. 

Post lock-down, we've been presented with many challenges, one of them being time.
It's a new world, but we're finally ready to show you what we've been up to.

What a week!

Our recent shoot was photographed by our incredibly talented friends and brothers Shak and Tash Toefy from Half and Half, on three of our customers Gcobisa, Upasna and Max. They styled themselves and stood in the sunshine in our back garden and helped us capture a really special day. 

This mailer is for you, our subscribers, so that you can get the headstart on viewing the collection.

This week, featuring Gcobisa Gee Yako

We no longer talk about "young or aspiring."
Gee is a director. Right here, right now. We could never find the words to describe their work and would rather ask that you watch one of the films Gee shared with us on the day of our shoot.

Click here to watch Gcobisa Gee Yako's short film entitled "KwaNobuhle"

Thank you Gee for spending this day with us in our back garden in the sun.
We can't wait to create with you again soon.
Gee wearing the Embroidered Logo Sweater in White
View the sweater collection

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