Introducing PROJECT 1//

Introducing PROJECT 1//

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Project 1// 

Our first iteration of our Forever Shoe
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Let's start at the beginning...

Over the last few months we've been working on creating a locally made, hand stitched, forever shoe. After speaking with many friends, I realised we really need to start thinking about how shoes are made, how long they last and why we're willing to spend so much on international shoe brands when we could just make them here!

The challenge was: to create a pair of shoes to wear every day, but they had to have something special about them. They had to have that "ness", that thing you can't quite put words to. These shoes have become a part of my uniform and i'm really proud of how good they feel.

Working closely with local artisans such as Nkoketse Mametse a creative genius and shoemaker in Johannesburg, to manufacturers and suppliers that've helped really understand the art of what makes a great shoe.

We've arrived here- and we couldn't be more excited to open our first 30 pairs for order. We're not claiming these shoes will last forever, but we're pretty close to it.

Each pair is hand stitched and cut from A-grade leather in Johannesburg, our motto when designing these was "cut no corners."

The shoes are water resistant, have a comfortable foam shoe liner and do not need to be broken in (this was a must!)

This will be an ongoing creative project, the idea is to push our creativity and knowledge to constantly improve and redefine the shoe, for these reasons we cannot guarantee that you will be able to get this exact style in the future.



For PROJECT 1// the first iteration of our forever shoe, only 30 pairs have been made.

Part of being a slow fashion brand is slowing down the development of a product so that we make enough time to constantly improve.

And so, In the true spirit of Artclub- because your feedback is everything and because it's our first shoe, we will be selling these at a 50% discount for our early adopters.

What's the catch?

All we ask in return is for your feedback, so that we can keep perfecting our forever shoe.

Okay, I'm ready to purchase my pair!

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