PROJECT 1// Forever Shoe Pre-order

PROJECT 1// Forever Shoe Pre-order

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As we approach the opening of our PROJECT 1// pre-order, 
we thought we'd take you on our journey in creating this pair, and answer all of your questions!

Towards the end of last year we set out to take on a challenge: To create a pair of shoes to wear every day, but they had to have something special about them. They had to have that "ness", that thing you can't quite put into words. Our motto when designing these was "cut no corners." This stemmed from the realisation that we really need to start thinking about how shoes are made, how long they last and why we're willing to spend so much on international shoe brands when we could just make them here!

After investigating various synthetic leathers, vegetable leathers and other alternatives, we calculated that the process of importing these had big environmental impacts, so along with all the feedback from customers, we feel that a hand-made pair of consciously sourced leather is the way to go. 

These shoes have become a part of our uniform and we're really proud of how good they feel. When we first announced that we would release 30 pairs we were met with a resounding response.

Our PROJECT 1// sold out on the first day of launching. 


Since then, we have been equally overwhelmed and encouraged by the feedback we've received from those of you who are now proud owners of our shoes, particularly about how comfortable they are.

More importantly, we've also taken feedback on board for how to improve them - as this will be an ongoing creative project. The idea is to push our creativity and knowledge to constantly improve and redefine the shoe, for these reasons we cannot guarantee that you will be able to get this exact style in the future.

As with the first batch, we have worked closely with local artisans such as Nkoketse Mametse, a creative genius and shoemaker in Johannesburg, to manufacturers and suppliers that have helped us to really understand the art of what makes a great shoe.

Each pair is hand-stitched and cut from consciously sourced A-grade leather in Johannesburg. The shoes are water-resistant, and feature our signature royal blue foam liner that are effortlessly comfortable and do not need to be broken in - this has always been a must!


So, why Pre-Order?

We're so excited to be trialling a new way of making. Pre-order means we create every pair just for you, no less, no more We collect orders for two weeks and then begin making each pair.

Because you're willing to wait a few weeks while your pair is being made, we're able to sell them for a significantly lower price.

It makes it easier for us to keep putting out pieces we normally couldn't afford to hold stock of, it gets our artisans paid upfront, and honestly, we could all learn to wait a little longer for things we truly want and will keep in our wardrobes for a lifetime.
Here's to the great slow-down and unlearning the habit of always being in a rush. Impulse buys are bad for your head, heart and wallet.

So think carefully :) if you're looking for a locally made hand-crafted forever shoe, here's the tea

The important stuff:

PROJECT 1// Forever Shoe Price:
Pre-orders open:
Next Thursday 27 May for 2 weeks (we'll send you a reminder mail)

Pre-orders close:
Thursday 10 June

Pre-Order Pricing Tier:
Discounts applied to pre-orders made in the following time periods (we'll provide discount codes in our reminder mail next week): 
Thurs 27 May - Mon 31 May
30% off + a free pair of our socks

Tues 1 June - Sat 5 June
20% off

Sun 6 June - Thurs 10 June
10% off
Shoes will be delivered no later than 6 weeks from when we close orders on 10 June.

The 6 weeks is just to ensure we have enough time to make sure each pair delivered is perfect. 

If we're ready earlier we'll ship them to you sooner :)
A big thank you to our most recent online customers: Jamie, Andrea, Rubina, Meri, Tara, Dominique, Karabo, Jess, Marcos, David, Joanna, Brendan, Maureen, Burger, Niamh, Sinekhaya, Mapitso, Gabi, Bohle, Rese, Didi, Sandisiwe, Khanya, Stacey, Sean, Mosima, Samantha, Jimi, Jared, Chelsey, Tiffany, Raeesa, Zandi and Lekama.
We're growing because of you!

Until next time


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